The Basic Concept

You do not need a fancy capture page or lots of graphics, it's the MESSAGE visitors should be interested in, so keep it simple and offer to solve an immediate problem for them.

The problem I am offering to solve for you. is how you can get leads for your online offers without spending any money.

To be totally honest, it does take a Web Hosting Account, but if you don't already have one you can use this $1 a month option that doesn't even need you to buy a domain name. There is a high enough demand that I end up getting mine free from referrals.

The Important Part

I found the easiest way to have free leads forever is to reward them profusely, so they get to know, like and trust you. Then they become true leads and not just some name on a list!

So I propose to give you a page like this one with your links embeded in place of mine. Then all you need is a way to get people who are interested in Internet Marketing to see it. so I will give you some big fat bonuses to use the same advertising website I do.

Even after that, I will be sending you more bonuses for as long as you stay active!

Show Me My Free Bonuses

What Is Next?

This web page is all in one file, so all you need to do is save it to your computer and edit it with a free copy of Notepad++ to fit your own campaigns. If you did sign up with my link for advertising, I will set it all up for you.

Did you notice that this page is mobile responsive, so it works on any size screen? This is important, so you don't lose any leads when they can't read your page on their device and leave early.

Good luck! Hope too work with you soon.